Is Infinitic alive? You may have noticed or not, but I have been silent since October last year. So you may wonder if Infinitic is still alive. The response is Yes! Actually, Splio, the French marketing company I worked with last year, is now using it in production to power its…
Easy interactions with running workflows
Hi, Co-hosted by StreamNative and Clever Cloud, the Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2021 kicks off next Wednesday and will feature speakers from the Apache…
Last news regarding Infinitic, the easiest way to reliably orchestrate your distributed services at scale
Last news regarding Infinitic, the event-based RPC framework to build reliable, observable, and easy to orchestrate distributed services
Building Infinitic, an event-driven orchestration engine providing reliable and scalable workflows, even in distributed environments.
This release introduces tags! Using tags avoids you maintaining mapping tables between Infinitic Ids and your own ids.
This release provides a way for a workflow to filter which events it wants to receive. It's a big step that eases Infinitic integration into existing…
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